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Sunshine Sunflower Studio joins the Million Dollar Teacher Project Appreciation Package

Teachers, I see you. I know how hard you work, and

I've got you. That's why I jumped at the opportunity to participate in the Million Dollar Teacher Project to offer discounts to teachers as a small way of showing how much you are APPRECIATED AND LOVED. The last few years have been truly difficult, and without offering another PD on self-care, I just want to offer you the opportunity to come into the studio, relax, and have some fun. You need it, and you deserve it.

The Million Dollar Teacher Project was started in the nearby Alhambra district by educator Lloyd Hopkins, and is an organization aimed at increasing support for teachers inside and outside of the classroom, raising the profile of highly effective teachers and drastically improving teacher compensation to bring the teaching profession to the prestigious level it deserves so ALL students are able to receive excellent instruction every day. For more information, click on the Million Dollar Teacher Project, click here.

We have officially opted into their Teacher Appreciation Package Program and will be offering 20% off paint your own pottery items to our colleagues in the education field. We don't charge any studio fees, and all materials and firing fees are included. No hidden fees, just 20% off. I'm an art teacher, not a math teacher. Why make things complicated?

If you are more comfortable creating at home, you can order your pottery kits for pick up and still score your discount using code TEACH.

Sending big hugs to all of my fellow teachers and school employees.



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