Get your hands dirty and create your own memories and masterpieces at home using one of our Clay To-Go Kits! This kit includes 1 lb. of clay, a board to work on, tools, written instructions, and a link to a video tutorial made by Sunshine Sunflower. This kit is perfect anyone who wants to use their imagination (or Pinterest!) to design their own project. Use cookie cutters to design your own ornaments! 


You have two clay options for this kit: Phoenix area friends can choose to use regular clay and glazes that need to be fired. Projects MUST be returned to Sunshine Sunflower for firing if you choose regular clay. Completed projects will be ready to pick up within a week.


Our second option is AIR-DRY CLAY. This clay DOES NOT need to be fired, and can be painted with acrylic paint after it dries (approximately 24 hours).  This is the perfect choice for friends who live far away and do not have kiln access. I love this because it enables everyone to participate - not just my friends who live locally. 


Please specify your choice of clay and your choice of 3 glazes or acrylic paints in your order.

Clay To-Go Kit: Christmas Ornaments

  • Transporting finished projects is a delicate procedure. When your project is complete, allow glaze to dry to matte finish and then cover with plastic. Please return to Sunshine Sunflower Studio within 48 hours for best results. Dry clay becomes extremely brittle and prone to breaking. If clay projects are transported while they are still damp,  if anything is damaged while transporting the projects, we can fix them before they become too dry. 

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